3 Easy Meal-Prep Tips For Older Adults

Meal-prep is sometimes also referred to as make-ahead, or batch cooking. Basically, meal-prepping is an easy way of cooking meals in bulk, ahead of time. Whether you’re a master chef, a pasta professional or a kitchen newbie. Meal-prep can save time and make life just that little bit easier.

1. Keep It Simple

Meal-prep is often associated with complex recipes, fridges full of bulky containers and limited counter space. But it doesn’t have to be that way. These days, there are scores of easy meal-prep recipes online using only a few, simple ingredients. Some even use a single pot or frypan, to save time washing dishes.

Invest in some single-serve microwave-safe containers to save on fridge space and allow for easy heat-up. Then you’re good to go.

2. Keep It Healthy

As we age our dietary needs often change. Meal-prep can be an easy way to make sure we continue to eat nutritious meals. Too often it gets to dinner time and as a result of tiredness or indecision, we opt for unhealthy but easy takeaway food. Keeping pre-prepped, healthy meals in the fridge ready to heat will encourage good dinner-time decisions. And make it easy to maintain a healthy, nutritious diet.

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3. Keep It Cool

Have no room in the fridge? Or worried you won’t eat every serve before it expires? Try freezing your prepped meals. By freezing meals, no food goes to waste. You can store meals from multiple batches, to save from eating the same dish multiple times in a row. Just don’t forget to date and label each serve to avoid confusion!

Pro tip: Use freezer-safe sandwich bags to store meals in the freezer. They’ll lie flat, taking up less room, and may be more cost-effective than buying containers. To reheat, place the bag in the fridge a day before consumption to defrost. Then pour into a microwave-safe bowl for easy heating.

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