3 Unique Ways to Improve Your Mood as an Older Adult

Are you looking for a bit of a mood boost? Here are three easy and unique ways to improve your mood every day!


You might not put much thought into how you dress, but it’s time to start paying attention! Why? Because studies show that the clothes we wear, may have a great impact on our daily mood. So, how do you dress for happiness? Pick clothes that mean something to you—whether it be a jumper your older sister gave to you, or a t-shirt in your favourite shade of red. Pop your chosen piece on and remain mindful of it throughout the day.

Don’t have any clothes that bring you joy? Visit your local shopping centre or op shop and hunt for clothes that give you a positive emotional reaction. Pleasant textures—like a soft fluffy scarf in winter, can be a great go-to when you’re feeling blue.


We all know that exercise is essential for good health. But did you know that exercise can drastically improve your mood? While the thought of sweating it out might not make you jump for joy, completing at least 30 mins of continuous exercise can release sadness-busting endorphins in your brain! If you live with disability or limited mobility, that’s okay. Even light exercise can have an effect. Try some seated, body-weight movements, or go for a short, slow walk in your local park.

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Ask any pet owner if their pet improves their mood, and no doubt they’ll say yes! However, you don’t have to be the owner of a furry family member, to enjoy the benefits of spending time with animals. Why not foster a cat (if you’re able), or offer to walk your neighbour’s dog? Or, volunteer at your local animal shelter to make a difference to your community and your mood!

Looking for an even easier way to get your pet fix? Head down to your local dog park and enjoy the view. If you’re lucky, you may even get to pat a precious pup!

Let us help you improve your mood. Here at After-Care, we offer a range of flexible home care services to suit Australians from all walks of life. If you could use some help getting to your local park for a nice brisk walk, we’ll take you there! If you’d like some help dressing for happiness, we’ve got your back. Click here to learn more and contact us at After-Care today.