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Growing older and aged care is a dilemma many of us face sooner or later. It gets harder to do housework. It becomes a challenge to cook a hot meal. It can get difficult to get out and about. But, most of us wish to grow old while still living in our own home.

Home sweet home

Home is where the heart is

There’s no place like home

We’ve all heard the sayings, and how true they are. Home is where our story begins. After-Care has been providing quality aged care in home services for nearly 20 years.

After-Care value the importance of family and family relationships. Designed to enhance the quality of life you and your family share, our services support your independence, protect your dignity and respect your needs. Our aged care in home services include Domestic Care, Personal Care, In-home Respite, Social Support, Transport, Home Maintenance and Gardening.

Naturally, being able to continue living in your own home as you grow older has many benefits:

  1. You, or your loved one, can stay in a safe, familiar environment where you are happy and comfortable.
  2. There is no need to fear the loss of independence.
  3. With aged care packages, in home services are affordable.
  4. You can maintain your role in the community.
  5. It’s easier to continue social interaction with family and friends.
  6. It provides a sense of stability and you can carry on with normal routines.
  7. Everyone is different, with different needs and different circumstances. In home care gives you the flexibility to pick and choose what services you want. You also have the flexibility to adjust your care schedule if your situation changes.

Government Home Care Packages provide funding for in home care services which make living at home a more viable option. There are four levels of care packages, depending on your needs. If you find navigating the My Aged Care system overwhelming, After-Care can help you with that too. We have many years’ experience working closely with those organisations responsible for funding.

After-Care’s Aproved aged care in home services – Helping many seniors live as independently as possible, in the comfort of their own home. Call us on 1300 46 46 63 for more information.

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