Aged Care Employee Day (#ACED2021)

Take time to say #ThanksforCaring to the quiet achievers who look after our older Australians

After Care encourages everyone to honour those who care for our older Australians and say “thanks for caring” ahead of Aged Care Employee Day on Saturday 7 August 2021 (#ACED2021).

“We’re asking our community to take a moment and think about the quiet achievers and the superheroes who provide care with professionalism, compassion and dedication for our loved ones and give them the recognition they deserve,” Shane Kelly, MD says.

“It’s been a particularly challenging eighteen months for aged care workers leaving many families and friends unable to visit loved ones for weeks on end.

“It often fell to the carers, the nurses and other staff to make up for that loss of family contact and become that crucial connection for frail and vulnerable older Australians.

“So we ask you in the lead up to Saturday 7 August to take time to think of the nurses, the personal care workers, the chefs, cleaners, gardeners, laundry staff, the activities coordinators and administration staff when you next visit a loved one in aged care and say “thanks for caring”.

Aged Care Employee Day

ACED 2021 is a national day which is registered with and acknowledges the more than 360,000 people who care for and support around 1.3 million older Australians who receive aged care services.

Individuals, employers and community members wishing to take part can find information and resources on the Aged Care Employee Day website

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