Artificial Grass Senior-friendly Landscaping!

At After-Care, we firmly believe that older age or decreased mobility should never get in the way of being able to enjoy your outdoor space, lawn, and garden.

Luckily, there are now more options for senior homeowners to explore – to make outdoor areas more convenient and functional. One great alternative is artificial grass, also known as synthetic turf.

For those of you who are on the fence whether to go down the proverbial garden path, we’ve put together our Top 3 reasons why switching to artificial grass can be a great option!

Less Maintenance:

The use of artificial grass could eliminate one of the most physically demanding jobs in the garden, lawn mowing. Not to mention watering, weeding, and fertilising the lawn too. And, what about that huge saving on the expense of a lawn mower! It’s also an environmentally friendly solution when water restrictions are in place. Artificial grass looks neat and trim all year round. A huge advantage is there is very little maintenance.

After-Care - Landscaping for Seniors


Artificial grass can be installed smooth and evenly. Especially when installed by experts, such as the After-Care gardening team! Experts check for, and rectify, any soft spots in the yard, and remove rocks and other debris, before laying. A smooth surface significantly reduces the chances of a tripping hazard in your backyard. And…. it’s a bonus if you fancy a spot of golf! Artificial grass is widely used for home golf putting greens. Giving you, and your visitors, many hours of entertainment.

Looks like the real thing

Artificial Grass no longer looks fake. In fact, when done properly, it can look better than natural grass. Think lush green lawns – all year round! Endless opportunities to entertain outside when it’s sunny. Fun times with family, children, and grandchildren which can make for some great memories.

No matter what your ideal artificial grass design is, After-Care can make it happen. Our highly skilled gardening team can work with you closely to create your ideal backyard space.

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