Cleaning Tips for People with Limited Mobility

Bending, scrubbing, lifting—cleaning your house can be a real pain! So, here are a few tips to make your weekly clean a little more mobility-friendly.


So, you’re finding house cleaning a bit challenging, that’s okay! There are plenty of dirt-busting solutions on the market for people with limited mobility. But before you run out and buy a bunch of assistive cleaning equipment, try repurposing the tools you already have.

Consider the humble broom. Brooms are great for sweeping (obviously), but they’re also great for dusting and scrubbing. Think of it this way—a broom is essentially a hyper-extended, enlarged brush. So, you can use your broom to scrub the end of your bathtub, the inside of your shower (including the walls!), and other hard-to-reach places. Wrap a cloth over the bristles, and you’ve also got a long-reach duster!


Okay, you’ve tried repurposing some household items, but you’re still not cleaning with ease. Now it’s time to bring in reinforcements.

First, if you’re having trouble vacuuming, consider getting a lightweight, bagless model. There are vacuums available in Australia that are light enough to use with one arm, leaving the other arm free for a walking frame or stick. Also, bagless designs mean less bending and fiddling.

Also, consider a low stool on wheels. Yes, stools with wheels are usually found behind desks in retail stores, but they’re actually great for people with limited mobility. With a rolling stool, you can perch while you wash dishes, and wheel yourself around while you sweep, easy peasy!

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If scrubbing isn’t your jam, why not let the power of steam do the hard yards for you? Steam works wonders at loosening caked-on dirt and grime. So, try cleaning your bathroom just after you’ve taken a shower. Also, by ‘baking’ an oven-safe bowl full of water, you can steam-clean your oven, and wipe-away remaining debris with ease. The same works for your microwave!

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