Gardening Tips for Autumn.

When people think of gardening they often think of springtime, fresh green leaves, and colourful buds. However, did you know that autumn is a great time to get out in the garden? There are many gardening tasks that are best done in the autumn to ensure those fragrant blooms in spring. Here are some simple autumn gardening tips to nourish your backyard oasis.

The grass is always greener

Yes, there’s a place for paving and concrete, however lawns are the centrepiece of most backyards.  A lovely, luscious lawn sets the tone. It can enhance the overall appearance of the garden.  After the grass has suffered through a long, hot summer it’s likely to need a boost. Autumn is the time to aerate your lawn. This allows oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate down to the roots of the grass. It’s also the time to fertilise to encourage growth. Naturally, regular lawn mowing keeps your lawns looking neat and trim – no matter what time of the year it is!

Time to cut back

As many plants flower in the summer, autumn is a great time to prune. Bushes and shrubs that are still in their growing phase can be pruned back to about half their size. If the plant is fully grown, it’s best to just cut the tips to keep it neat and compact. If you have a garden hedge, depending on the type, autumn can also be a good time for hedge trimming.

Gardening tips - After Care

Planting on thyme

There is an abundance of vegetation that can be planted in autumn. Planting your flowering bulbs now will give you a show-stopping garden in spring. If you like to grow your own edibles, it’s time to prepare the garden beds and plant winter vegetables. Broccoli, leeks, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, and onion are easy to grow. Requiring little care, they practically grow themselves!

Too mulch of a good thing

To top it all off, so to speak, is the mulch. Mulch is your garden’s best friend and comes with many benefits. It helps keep the weeds at bay. It helps retain moisture in the soil. Mulch assists with soil temperature, keeping it warmer on cold nights, and cooler on hot days. Over time as the mulch breaks down, it feeds the soil. Most importantly, mulch can spruce up the garden making it more visually appealing.

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