Gardening with the Grandkids: Beneficial Fun for the Whole Family

Gardening can be a very valuable hobby for older adults—it offers low-impact exercise, mental stimulation, and a sense of achievement! But did you know that gardening can also be a great way to keep the grandkids entertained?

Here are a few awesome, educational activities to get your grandkids in the garden next time they visit!


Do you have a blank space in your garden that’s just itching for some TLC? Next time the little tackers visit, why not dedicate a small area just for them? Have fun helping them weed the area, plant some seeds, and apply water and fertiliser. Now, whenever they visit, they can spend time caring for their patch and watching their seedlings grow. Not only will this activity keep them occupied, but it’s also educational, and teaches responsibility, too!


Gardening can be a great way for your grandchildren to explore their senses. For touch and tactile senses, plant some woolly lamb’s ear, spiky cactuses (choose touch-safe varieties), and bristly bottle brush. To explore taste, fresh herbs and veggies are a must-have! For smell, try some fragrant flowers or some musty mint. Or plant a combination of the above for a truly sense-ational experience!

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Do your grandkids love to get crafty? If so, buy a few terracotta pots (including extras, just in case they break!), and set up a painting station with some non-toxic acrylic paint. Let your grandkids go wild painting their pots, then fill them with soil once they’re dry (approx. 1-2 hours). Add in some easy-to-care-for, store-bought flowering plants, and voila! An ornamental, sentimental addition to your garden that your grandchildren will be proud of for years to come!

Note: Supervise your grandchildren at all times while they’re in your garden. Remove hazards like sharp tools or garden chemicals before they go outside, and watch out for any poisonous creepy crawlies!

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