Here’s How to Maintain Your Summer Garden.

During the warmer months, your garden may need a little extra attention. Non-native plants can easily find the Aussie sun overwhelming. Luckily there are a few things you can do besides keeping your garden well-watered. So, what are some ways you can look after your garden in the summer to keep it thriving all year round?

Stay on top of weeding

Weeds can quickly flourish and take over in hot conditions, so it’s best to tackle them while they’re still small. If left to their own devices, weeds will soak up the nutrients and moisture that should go to your plants. Regularly check your garden for any new weeds, and use water in a spray bottle to dampen areas of weed growth. This will make pulling them out easier, especially in the dry summers.

Water plants in the early morning

It goes without saying that your garden will need more water in summer. But the best time to water your garden is early morning, when it is still cool. The next best time is late afternoon to evening, however watering in the morning is the best. If watering in the afternoon, it should be done with enough time for plants to dry out enough before dark, to prevent mildew.

Here’s How to Maintain Your Summer Garden

Keep gutters free of debris

Keeping your gutters clean of leaves and debris is important all year round. If left to build up, water flow will be restricted. This may result in damage to your roof. It is recommended to clean gutters twice yearly, once in summer, and again at the end of autumn. If you’re not able to get the job done on your own, we can help you with our gardening services.

Lawn Maintenance

While it can be tempting, don’t cut your lawn too short. This can cause the grass to dry out quickly and turn brown. If you want luscious lawns, keep some length to the grass. This will help your lawn retain much-needed moisture, as well as provide some shade for the roots.

Stay in the shade

Make sure you look after yourself while you’re gardening too. It can get hot out there, so drink plenty of water, stay in the shade, and wear sun protection, and a hat and gloves.

Need a helping hand?

Our garden maintenance services include lawn mowing, watering plants, hedge trimming, pruning, planting, and more. If you would like to find out how we can help keep your garden looking luscious all year round, contact us here.