Home Modifications and the NDIS.

Although in home care is a preference for many, every home can present its own challenges. Unfortunately, not all homes are built with diverse needs in mind. This is where home modifications come in. The purpose of home modifications is to make it possible for you and your carer to complete tasks safely. A home that’s not equipped to help you overcome daily challenges can be modified. A home should be designed to assist, rather than restrict.

What are home modifications?

Home modifications help increase your independence. They are put in place to help those eligible meet their long-term goals, when other alternatives are not an option. They also help the carers of those with restrictive conditions.

This can take the form of changes to the layout, fittings, or structure of a home. You may be eligible for home modifications if you have a moderate to severe disability. You may also qualify if you have a condition which restricts your day to day living. The NDIS can help fund modifications such as grab rails and mounted shower chairs, access or entrances, and kitchens and bathrooms.

Why do I need home modifications?

Here are some reasons why you may require home modifications:

  • You or your carers have difficulty accessing regularly used rooms in your home.
  • The condition of your home has negative impacts on your living or care arrangements.
  • Your occupational therapist has recommended home modifications.
  • All other alternatives have been explored but are not viable.
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How do I qualify for home modifications with the NDIS?

In order to qualify for home modifications, your living conditions must first be assessed. This is to evaluate whether the changes are reasonable and necessary. Using a template provided by the NDIS, assessors will make the relevant evaluations of your living conditions. They will then provide the NDIS with a report of how the changes will benefit your goals. Standard modifications are funded by the NDIS where eligible.

What if I don’t qualify?

Unfortunately, not every modification will be eligible for NDIS funding. However, After-Care can still help. We also assist with home maintenance. Our maintenance team can install grab rails, ramps and carry out other handy work. Find out more about our services by calling After-Care on 1300 464 663.