How Home Care Services Can Help You Have a Hoppy Easter

Easter is here, and it’s the perfect time to get together with family and friends to celebrate! But, for older adults, people with disability, and people with lower mobility, family holidays can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge…

So, let’s explore how home care services can support you during the Easter break, so you can focus on enjoying this egg-cellent holiday to the fullest!


One of the best parts of Easter is sharing a scrumptious meal with your loved ones. But preparing an Easter feast can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you live with lower mobility. Thankfully, our home care services can help you plan, shop, and prepare all of your family’s favourite Easter dishes.

First, a care worker can help you take stock of your fridge and cupboards, and write a comprehensive list of ingredients. Then, we can arrange transport to and from your local shops to pick up the necessities! Finally, we’ll help you cook up a storm—roast lamb and scalloped potatoes, anyone?

So, sit back and enjoy a yummy Easter egg or two, knowing you have a caring, helping hand this Easter weekend!


Easter means spending valuable time with others, and home care services can help you do just that. Whether you need assistance attending Easter events in your community, or you’d like to enjoy an Easter service at your local church, our transport carers can make it happen!

If you prefer to hang out at home, that’s cool too! A friendly carer can visit you during the Easter period for a chat over a cuppa, or a warm hot cross bun. No matter your lifestyle, you won’t have to go it alone this Easter.

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If you’re like most people, you probably prefer a clean and tidy home before your Easter guests arrive. So, that means a whole day of pulling the vacuum cleaner, waving a duster, and spraying a concoction of chemicals, right? Nope! Our domestic carers would be happy to do the hard yards for you this Easter.

When Easter is over and the house needs a clean more than ever, we’ve got your back there too! Whether the grandkids left muddy footprints on your kitchen tiles, or you’ve got a stack of dishes to get through, we can handle it all! With the help of After-Care, your home will be back to its pre-Easter glory in no time.

Could you use some extra help to make your Easter truly egg-cellent? Here at After-Care, we offer a range of flexible home care services for older adults and people with disability! Click here to learn more and contact us today!