How To Access a Home Care Package

Do you feel you might benefit from a Home Care Package, but you’re not sure how to access government-funded support? Here at After-Care, we know that understanding care options can feel overwhelming, so we’ve put together a brief guide to accessing Home Care Packages, to make receiving care that little bit easier.


In Australia, there are a few different types of Government funded aged care available. Today we’ll focus on Home Care Packages (HCP).

A Home Care Package is a package of care services designed to support those with more complex care needs. There are a range of services available through a Home Care Package. Personal care, to help with hygiene and grooming. Nursing, for those with medical conditions. Cleaning, meal preparation, and home modifications, too. Generally, you may only access a service via an HCP if it is directly related to you care needs and will enhance your wellbeing.

To find out more about Home Care Packages, click here.


If you’ve decided you may benefit from comprehensive in home care and would like to access funding, you will first need to contact My Aged Care. If My Aged Care believes you could be eligible for an HCP, they will refer you to an assessment team.

During your free assessment, the team will meet you at your home to discuss:

  • Which aged care services may be available to you
  • How you’re managing to take care of yourself, your home, or any dependants
  • Your medical history (this may include speaking to your GP)

After a short period, you will receive the results of your assessment. This includes whether you’re able to access an HCP. If your assessment is successful, you will be assigned an HCP ‘level’.

Level 1 — Basic care needs

Level 2 — Low care needs

Level 3 — Moderate care needs

Level 4 — High care needs

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Now that you have been approved, it’s time to find an HCP provider. There are many online resources available to help you do so, or you could ask your assessor for some assistance. Here at After-Care, we also offer care via a Home Care Package, click here to contact us.

It’s important to find a provider that is flexible and offers the services you require. So, set up an appointment with your chosen provider to discuss your care.


Although the Australian Government subsidises care through a Home Care Package, you will be required to contribute financially. There is a basic daily fee to be paid as part of receiving your care, and depending on your income, you may also be expected to pay an income-tested care fee too.

Fees will likely be paid fortnightly or monthly. If you can’t afford your fees, you may apply for consideration. If you’ve been approved for an HCP and would like help calculating your fees, contact My Aged Care.


If your chosen provider can deliver the services you need, you will enter a Home Care Agreement. Once you have signed the agreement; you will then work alongside your provider to develop a care plan that fits within your package budget and includes:

  • The care that you require
  • Who will take care of each service
  • Your care schedule
  • Your fees

For your provider to best organise you care, you should address a range of topics. You should discuss your hobbies, the support you feel you need, where you may struggle, and what your goals may be. You should also inform your provider of any support you may already have, such as from friends or family members.

To help you understand where the funds from your Home Care Package are being spent, your provider will also develop an individualised budget along with your care plan. If you think it may be beneficial, you may also organise services that are not subsidised through your Home Care Package. These will need to be paid out of pocket.


After your care plan has been completed, your care can begin. If at any time your needs increase, you can request a reassessment through My Aged Care. You’re also welcome to discontinue your care when you see fit. It’s also easy to change your Home Care Package provider if you’re not satisfied, or if you’re moving to a different area. In this case, you won’t need to be reassessed, and can create a new care plan with your new provider.

If you or your loved one could use some help at home, After-Care is here. As a Home Care Package provider, and an in home care provider for private consumers, we’re dedicated to offering tailored and compassionate care. Click here to learn more about our services and contact us today.