How to Change Your Home Care Provider

Maybe you’ve recently moved outside your home care provider’s service area. Or, maybe your current provider isn’t the best fit for you and your lifestyle. Either way, there are plenty of reasons you might want to make a change. So, here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to make changing home care providers easy.


First, do a bit of research and find a new provider in your area that suits your needs. Give them a quick call, and discuss your lifestyle, the services you’re interested in, and the type of government funding you receive (if applicable). This way, you can make sure your chosen provider is available, and a good match, before cancelling your current services.


Now that you have your new home care provider organised, call your current provider. Advise them that you’ll be discontinuing their services and arrange and end-date. Remember—you may need to abide by a notice period or exit amount outlined in your Home Care Agreement (most providers generally require at least two weeks’ notice).

Note: If you haven’t already organised a new provider, do so ASAP. You have just under 60 days to enter an agreement with a new provider if you want to maintain your Home Care Package.

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Now, if you’re a Home Care Package recipient, it’s time to contact My Aged Care to reactivate your referral code (you can’t begin receiving your new services without an active code). So, let My Aged Care know that you’re changing home care providers, and deliver the now active code to your new provider to get the ball rolling.


With your current provider notified, and your Home Care Package code reactivated, you can begin developing a care plan with your new home care provider. If you’re happy with the plan you devised with your current provider, let your new provider know, and they’ll use this plan as a template. Otherwise, feel free to create an entirely new plan that better suits your needs.

That’s it! Now you can sit back, relax, and receive valuable in home care that suits you and your lifestyle.

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