How to Get Rid of Weeds Naturally

It’s spring, which means warmer weather, more rain, and more weeds!

While no one likes a garden full of defiant dandelions or prickly thistles, take a moment before you reach for the harsh chemicals. There are plenty of natural ways to banish unwanted weeds—and here are a handful to get you started.


Like most plants, weeds need sunlight and nutrients to grow up big and strong. So, to tame your weeds for good, take these resources away by planting some hardy ground-cover plants. As your ground cover plants grow, they’ll engulf the surface area of your garden beds, blocking sunlight and drawing nutrients away from any weeds. As a result, you’ll be left with a weed-free, low-maintenance garden.


If you’re looking for a relatively quick and easy, blanket (no pun intended) solution for your weed problem, try this. Grab some old newspaper, carpet offcuts, or even an old sheet, and cover the exposed ground between your plants. With the sunlight blocked, any present weeds will quickly die off, and any new weeds simply won’t grow. If you’re in a warmer climate, take it to the next level with black plastic wrap or black weed matting. Because black plastic absorbs heat from the sun, covering your unwelcome weeds will cause them to overheat, drying them out from root to tip.

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Don’t want to introduce more plants into your garden, and can’t stand the sight of covered-up beds? Try boiling water! Simply boil some water, pop on some protective clothing to avoid burns, and pour the water all over your unwanted, leafy guests. Some larger weeds may need repeat applications, and the process can be quite tedious for larger gardens. But, with any luck, you should see some wilting weeds almost immediately.

Pro tip: many sources recommend using salt to banish pesky weeds. While salt will work, it will also seep into the ground and poison the earth for many years to come. So, leave the salt in the kitchen—for your garden’s sake.

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