Are you exploring aged care options for yourself or your loved one? Let us make the choice between in home care and residential care that little bit easier.


In home care, or simply home care, is a form of aged care in Australia, delivered by qualified care workers in the comfort of your own home. Home care is generally flexible and tailored to the person receiving it, both in terms of services and schedule. For example, people with low care needs might receive domestic assistance services fortnightly as part of their home care. Or, people with more complex needs might receive daily visits for personal care, domestic care, social support, and more.


As the name suggests, residential care is delivered within a residential facility or nursing home. Residential care can be short-term, during sickness or injury, or permanent, for older adults who are unable to live unaided on their own.

Note: because residential care requires a change of lifestyle (i.e., moving into a facility and giving up belongings and pets), it’s often considered a ‘last resort’.

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Overall, the choice between home care and residential care will depend on many factors, including your financial position, lifestyle, and care needs. In terms of cost, both residential aged care and home care can be subsidised by the Australian government. However, it’s worth noting that residential care can be costly because it’s 24/7.

When it comes to lifestyle and care needs—if you regularly enjoy your hobbies, and you have pets, home care might be a better fit for you. Likewise, if you have lower care needs and only need minimal support, home care will likely suit you best. However, if you have complex needs or require round-the-clock care, the 24-hour support offered by a nursing home could benefit you.

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your family to decide which type of aged care is best for your unique situation. So, do a bit of research, speak to both residential care providers and home care providers, (and My Aged Care, if you require government funding), and carefully consider your options, then make a decision, when the time feels right.

Here at After-Care, we’ve been delivering trusted in home care to older Victorians for over 20 years. From personal care, to gardening and transport, we offer a full suite of home care services to keep you happy, healthy, and comfortable. Click here to learn more and contact us today!