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After-Care’s in home care Tootgarook services support those wishing to remain living at home. This includes older people and those living with a disability.

As humans, we thrive when given a sense of freedom and independence. As we grow up, we set goals and take control of our life. However, eventually the time comes when we need to abandon our carefree aspirations for just a moment. We have to stop and think seriously about our health and well-being. As age-related issues rear their head, or because of disability, we need to consider our future care options.

In Australia, the current care options are: moving to a care facility; moving in with relatives; or continuing to live in your own home.

Everyone’s situation is different. Here, we take a look at the advantages our services for in home care Tootgarook can bring.

  1. Keep your independence

Most people fear the loss of independence. When independence is taken away, people can easily become depressed. This also lowers self-esteem. After-Care’s in home care Tootgarook services allow you to remain living in your own home. You can retain your independence and control. Our list of services includes: Domestic care. Personal care. Transportation. Respite. Social support. Home maintenance. Garden care and more.

  1. Peace of mind for your family

Often family members worry about ageing parents or loved ones who are living alone. They are concerned about their lifestyle and well-being. With After-Care’s in home care Tootgarook service, your family can relax, knowing a carer will be providing the support you need.

  1. Promotes better health

Continuing to live in familiar surroundings can bring a sense of comfort and security. This is paramount to ensuring happiness and a positive attitude. There are many health benefits for positive thinking. A happy mind can increase the resistance to the common cold, reduce rates of depression and boost general well-being and recovery.

To find out more about our in home care Tootgarook services, call After-Care on 1300 46 46 63. Our friendly team will be happy to chat with you about our wide range of services, and how we can tailor them to suit you.

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