Keep Your Back Happy with These Bend-Free Gardening Tips

Maintaining a healthy garden can be backbreaking work… So, here are a few tips to keep your backyard and your back happy!


You’re an avid gardener, but bending and lifting is a bit of a challenge—no worries! There are a heap of handy gadgets to keep your garden growing and your back safe.

For the pesky weeds, try a stand-up weeder. These ergonomic weeders feature a long handle with a steel claw at the end, so you can pluck weeds right out of the ground without bending! For garden tasks that require a bit more finesse, pick up a mobility-friendly, adjustable garden seat. Now you can kneel or sit in front of your petunias, and give them the attention they deserve, without putting your back in harm’s way.


Even with all the right gear, getting out in your garden day after day can be a real pain in the back! So, why not automate a few of your garden chores to take the edge off? For example, a well-constructed irrigation system can remove the need to reach and bend while watering. Simply turn on the tap—or even set the system on a timer, and your garden will stay hydrated year round.

Or, elevate your herb and veggie game with a raised planter box/vertical garden on wheels—no more bending and lifting pots and planters. And you can prune, sow seeds, and pick produce, all while standing straight!

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