Respite Care – The Benefits for You and Your Loved One.

Being a primary caregiver for a loved one can take many forms. Thousands of people care for an older, injured, sick, or disabled family member every day. If you’re the main carer for someone special, you’ll understand how much time and dedication it takes. Often, the demands are heavy, so it’s important to take some time for yourself. To use the airplane emergency analogy, you should put on your own oxygen mask before you assist anyone else.

The benefits to you and your loved ones

Respite care is a great option which provides you with the opportunity for a much-needed break. There are also other benefits of respite care, not only for you, but for the benefit of your loved one too. Here we look at just a few.

Recharge your batteries

Studies show that caregiving can have an impact on your physical and emotional health. Family caregivers often shoulder great burdens with conflicting demands of jobs, other family members, and financial pressures.  It’s impossible for you as a caregiver to do everything without taking some time out to recharge your batteries. Respite care gives you that time to take a short holiday, engage in a hobby, relax, or just do something that you enjoy doing. By taking a break, you’ll come back feeling re-energised in your caregiving role, and this will benefit your loved one too.

A new experience

There’s no denying that you share a special bond with the person you care for. In the interest of nurturing that bond, a little time apart can help to strengthen the relationship.  Giving you time, without distractions, to appreciate the other person. Time apart also allows your loved one the opportunity to interact with someone new. Perhaps even share a new experience too. This can be refreshing for both of you.

Peace of mind

Home is where people feel most at ease. In home respite care is a good option to help your loved one feel more comfortable while you’re not there. When they feel secure in their normal home environment, they may find it easier to welcome a new carer into their space. And, you will have peace of mind knowing your loved one is being cared for in familiar surroundings.

After-Care’s in home respite care

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