Simple Tips to Keep Your House Cooler This Summer

With summer just around the corner, now’s the time to prepare for the scorching Aussie heat. So, here are a few simple tips to help you keep your house cooler this summer—all without an AC!


Did you know that some household appliances give off radiant heat? For example, cooking with your stove or oven can actually raise the ambient temperature in your kitchen. Even though the effect may be minimal, try no-cook meals or opt for the BBQ during summer to keep your home as cool as possible. If there are any appliances you feel you can’t avoid using (like the dishwasher or dryer), keep them switched off during the day, and run them during the cooler hours of the night to lessen the impact.

Like appliances, many lightbulbs also produce heat—incandescent and halogen bulbs are the main culprits. If you have these bulbs in your house, keep the lights off wherever possible, or switch them out for heatless, LED bulbs instead.


Generally, homes take in a large amount of summer heat through exposed windows. By covering these windows, you’ll reduce the incoming heat and keep your home cooler for longer. Awnings, shutters, and block-out curtains can all work a treat, as well as external sun-blocking structures like trees and shade cloths. After all, it’s easier to prevent a house from heating up, than it is to cool it down later.

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A pedestal fan can be a fan-tastic way to make your house feel colder during the warmer months of the year. So, if you haven’t already, consider picking up a fan from your local hardware or big box department store. Place your fan as low to the ground as possible to help the low-hanging cooler air circulate, and enjoy a room that feels up to 8 degrees cooler! If you want to be really clever, place a bowl full of ice in front of your fan. As the air moves past the bowl, it will pick up cool water vapour and distribute it around the room, like a makeshift air conditioner!

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