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Staying socially connected is just as important for our health as physical exercise and diet. Studies show that we all thrive on social support. It promotes wise decisions, resilience, motivation and overall happiness.

Social support relies on people you can lean on and turn to in times of need. Or, it can simply be for companionship. Not having a social network can cause feelings of sadness or depression, which in turn can lead to poor mental and physical health.

Providing the right amount of companionship for elderly or disabled loved ones can be difficult, especially for people with children of their own. It becomes a balancing act, spreading time between work, family and other activities. This can strain relationships and lead to feelings of frustration, despite your best efforts.

After-Care can help. We provide social support services, and can be there for your loved one, when you just can’t. Our carers are friendly, respectful and above all, they love to be social!

After-Care’s social support comes in many forms. Whether it’s going bowling, attending a family function, seeing a movie, or having a coffee, you or your loved one won’t need to feel alone. For those who prefer to stay at home, our carers can help with pursuing hobbies and interests, reading the mail, writing a letter, reminiscing, or simply providing companionship.

We provide social support to people living in Melbourne’s south east. From Mordialloc to Portsea and everywhere in between, click here for Locations

Call our friendly team on 1300 46 46 63 to discuss how much, or how little, social support you or your loved one needs.

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