Three tech devices to help seniors live happier.

Presenting Three Tech devices to help seniors live happier, healthier lives in 2021

It is widely believed that older adults are embracing technology at a faster pace than before.

The worldwide pandemic has also led to increased demand in the digital space.

Technologies like wearables that monitor everything from blood pressure to daily steps taken, screen magnification apps, talk-to-text and even home automation robots are seeing an increase in demand.

So we’ve put together a glimpse at 3 of the most innovative tech devices for seniors.

1. Hello Elliq

Intuition Robotics has redefined the relationship between humans and machines, creating a digital companion in ‘ElliQ’.

ElliQ makes staying independent and engaged at home a breeze. From listening to the news or playing a cognitive game, to performing physical activity together – happier, healthier aging in place becomes simpler than ever.

The ElliQ has 117 different ways just to say “good morning”. It may, for example, check the weather, determine it’s pleasant, then ask whether you want to go for a walk.

Loved ones can interact with ElliQ as well, sending photos through the app so you can see and respond to via a video screen.


2. Medicine Reminder Apps

In 2012, Omri and Rotem Shor’s father accidentally took an extra dose of insulin. It was a simple mistake, but it put his life in grave danger.

After going through this experience as a family, the brothers created Medisafe to help people stay safe while taking their medications.

The Pill Monitor app can help make sure you don’t forget about any medication. This app allows you to schedule reminders by day, date, and time.


3. Robot Vacuums

It is widely believed that with age, our stamina declines, and our muscles and joints don’t work the way they used to. A task like vacuuming requires long periods of standing, walking, pushing, and pulling which all become more difficult in our golden years.

A robotic vacuum cleaner makes vacuuming so much easier. Instead of spending hours vacuuming your floors for pet hair and dirt, why not let a robot vacuum can do the work for you!

Just switch on the robot vacuum and it does all the work. There are many premium and affordable brands in the market today.

The key to finding the right vacuum for seniors is to know what will work best. Here are some tips to consider:

Weight: lighter the better to help making cumbersome carrying easier.

Helpful or Hazardous: Think about charging cables and tripping hazards if applicable.

Ease of use: the best vacuums are usually the easiest to use.

To summarise, although Robot Vacuums don’t fully replace the deep-cleaning power of a traditional vacuum, we definitely think robot vacuums are worth considering.

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