Tips For Caring For An Older Family Member After A Hospital Visit

In Australia, adults are spending less time in hospital per visit and are being discharged earlier than ever, preferring to recover comfortably at home. This means that family members are often resuming the role of primary carer, while their older loved one recuperates.

So, if your loved one has recently been admitted to the hospital, here are some tips for their post-hospital care.


To best care for your loved one, discuss their needs and condition with their doctor prior to discharge. Ask questions about their recovery time, ongoing needs, and medication. Also ask if there are any symptoms or behaviours to look out for in the coming weeks and months. Often, family carers may feel anxious—concerned that they may miss critical signs that need medical attention. So, staying informed will make the transition from hospital to home as easy as possible.


It’s common for a family member’s needs to change after a hospital visit. They may find mobility, hygiene, or daily tasks more difficult than before. So, while your loved one is still in hospital, visit their home. Take a look around with their new needs in mind, and thoroughly assess their living arrangements. Could they use the help of assistive technology, like grab rails or sensor lights? Or could they benefit from short term, or long term in home care services? By assessing these areas prior to their arrival home, you have the time to organise support ahead of time. This way, there will be less to worry about while they’re getting settled back into their normal routine.

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If you’re becoming a primary carer for the first time, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Caring for an elderly loved one can be extremely rewarding, but it can also have its challenges. Just know that there is support available. There are plenty of online resources to help you understand your role, and to keep you happy and healthy while providing care. There are also respite care services available, to allow you time to rest and recharge, and resume your role feeling refreshed.

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