Tips For Managing Your Arthritis At Home

Arthritis refers to stiffness, pain, and swelling of joints and can occur almost anywhere in the body. Most common in older adults, arthritis affects almost 4 million Australians.

Although there’s no formal cure for arthritis, there are many ways to manage and minimise the symptoms. So here are some tips for actively managing your arthritis at home.


Living with arthritis can make some daily tasks more difficult. So, it can be helpful to practice a mindful approach to your daily routine. Try planning your daily activities to minimise the continuous use of affected joints. For example, if your fingers and wrists are affected, alternate between activities that use your hands and legs. Also, try to keep your joints in a stable position. Carry objects with your wrists and fingers straight where possible while avoiding awkward angles.

It may also be worth considering adapted, arthritis-friendly household items. Special cutlery, tools, and appliances have been designed with arthritis in mind. So, you can manage your arthritis in your home, without the fuss.


Often, the pain and discomfort related to arthritis can make physical activity seem impossible. However, keeping active can actually help manage your symptoms. The right kind of activity can strengthen the muscles that support your joints, lessening the impact of movement. Exercise also keeps your joints flexible, which can help minimise pain.

Start slowly, and try out some low-impact, joint-friendly activities. But remember to listen to your body. If you feel an abnormal amount of pain, take a break, or try a different type of exercise instead.

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There are many types of arthritis—osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and more. And for some types of arthritis, medicinal treatments may be beneficial. It’s important to find out which type you have, and which treatment options are available to you. So, regularly visit your GP, and stay up-to-date with available treatments.

If you could use some support to manage your arthritis at home, After-Care is here. Our in home care services are tailored to offer a unique and holistic approach to care, no matter your needs. To view our care services, click here. Or contact us today to discuss your care options.