Tips to Boost Emotional Wellbeing.

We all know that physical exercise is good for our health. It boosts our muscle strength, helps us maintain a healthy body wight, and promotes better heart and lung health. In addition to this, exercise can increase energy levels, even for those suffering various medical conditions, making it easier to tackle daily chores.

But, what about our mind? Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness. A healthy mind can ward off depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. Having a happier mindset is powerful. Here are some simple tips to keep your mind active, and boost your emotional wellbeing.


Jigsaw puzzles are a great activity to do on your own or with a buddy. As well as giving a sense of accomplishment, puzzles have the added benefit of helping people exercise their hands and fingers. Did you know, there are also puzzle options designed for people with Alzheimer’s disease or impaired vision?

Art Projects

While art and crafts are known to keep kids busy for hours, art projects can be fun for adults too. You don’t need to have any artistic ability to extend your imagination. It’s easy to grab a few supplies such as paper, pencils, paints, or canvases, and let the creative juices flow. Art has therapeutic benefits too. Used as an expressive medium, art can help people explore emotions, cope with stress and combat depression.

Tips to Boost Emotional Wellbeing Image

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a form of gentle physical exercise that has emotional benefits as well. These benefits include reducing anxiety and depression. It may also help you manage symptoms of some chronic diseases, and improve cognitive function. Based on martial arts, there are five styles of tai chi which can be modified to suit your fitness level and mobility. All involve slow movements and deep breaths. You can learn the basics of Tai Chi at home from a book, video and even online.


The old adage applies here, “use it or lose it.” Learning something new is a great way to stimulate brain activity and improve memory. Learning something that is unfamiliar to you will strengthen your brain and give you a sense of achievement. When choosing and activity to learn, it’s best to find one that will be challenging, but still be enjoyable. Some suggestions are; cooking, photography, a new language, gardening, or any activity that your heart desires!

Keeping your mind active encourages a happier and healthier mindset, and will boost your emotional wellbeing.