Top 5 Tips For A Healthy Spring Lawn

Springtime means extra growth and greenery in the garden. But, with summer right around the corner, it’s time to take extra steps to protect your lawn. These helpful tips will keep your yard looking fresh and welcoming, all year round.

1. Aerate

Is your lawn more moss than grass? Moss is a sign of hard, compacted soil, and can seriously restrict the growth of grass. Heavy foot traffic, playing grandkids and clay-based soils can cause a compact base. But don’t worry—it’s an easy fix. Simply grab a garden fork and make holes throughout your lawn to aerate the soil. For the keener gardeners, it might be worth investing in some spiky, lawn aerating shoes.

2. Weed

Now that you’ve aerated your lawn, it’s time to remove any pesky weeds. During winter, weeds grow more quickly than grass. Depending on the extent of the weed invasion, you may be able to remove them by hand. If you have a large lawn, or lots of weeds, you may want to opt for herbicide.

3. Fertilise

Fertilising your grass in spring will help it grow thick, long roots for summer. The holes you made while aerating your lawn will function as tiny tunnels for the fertiliser to penetrate your grass. But remember—only fertilise after weeding your lawn, otherwise you’ll encourage weed growth, too!

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4. Fill

While preparing your lawn for summer, it’s important to fill any holes and bare patches in your grass. Bare patches can be the result of heavy foot traffic, bad soil or fallen branches. So, grab a shovel and use some high-quality soil to fill any gaps in your lawn. You’ll need to reseed the grass in these areas, but your lawn will be looking full and luscious in no time.

5. Hydrate

Depending on your climate, spring rain will do a lot of the watering for you. But if you live in a dry, arid climate, you may need to keep an eye on the hydration of your lawn. Install some sprinklers for easy maintenance or apply a lawn wetting agent from your local hardware store. But make sure to pay special attention to newly seeded areas, as they’re most vulnerable to heat and dry soil.

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