What are Aged Care Services ?

Aged Care services give you and your loved ones the support needed to remain living at home as you age. Whilst aged care is often associated with a loss of independence, in home care can actually enhance the quality of life for you or your loved ones. It can be a positive alternative to nursing homes, with many benefits for both family, and those being cared for.

Studies have shown that those who stay living at home are generally happier and healthier than those going into an aged care facility. In home care supports your independence – something many people fear losing when going into a nursing home. With home care services, you can feel confident your dignity will be protected.

Unlike nursing homes, home care services are tailored specifically to your individual needs. The flexible approach of home care means that your carers will adapt to you, the way it should be. Even things such as familiar routines can make a big difference. With in home care, you can keep your normal schedule, instead of adjusting to new ones.

Another great benefit of in home aged care is that you’ll still be surrounded by the people you love and the belongings you are familiar with. You will still be able to maintain social interactions and participate within your community.

ACA Aged Care

In home aged care can include any of the following:

Whatever your needs, in home aged care can be customised to suit you and your lifestyle. If all you need is some help in the garden, in home aged care services can provide support with gardening services.

The government provides Home Care Packages which help fund in home care for eligible Australians. After-Care have many years of experience working closely with the organisations that fund home care packages. We can help you to navigate the My Aged Care system if you’re having trouble, or provide support for these initial steps as needed. For more information on how we can help, give us a call on 1300 46 46 63.