Why Respite is Important

Many elderly people and those with disability rely on help and support from family members and friends.

Most of us, at some point in our lives, are carers. Carers can be daughters, sons, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, grandchildren, other family members, partners and friends. And, while sometimes it’s a tough gig, family member carers wouldn’t have it any other way. They want the best for their loved one, and provide the best care they can.

Caregivers play such an important role in the lives of others, so it’s vital the carers are happy and healthy too. In home respite is one sure-fire way that offers the carer a much-needed break. It’s a chance for carers to recharge their batteries and take some time for themselves.

After Care Australasia - Why Respite is important

Rest and Recovery

Caregiving can be physically demanding. Helping loved ones get dressed, take a shower, move in and out of the car, and doing necessary chores can feel like you’ve run a marathon. Just as professional athletes understand the importance of exercise for optimal performance, they also understand the importance of rest and recovery. In home respite allows the body time to repair and strengthen itself before the next exertion.

Mental Repose

Caring can take an emotional toll. It can be difficult to remain calm, patient, and composed all the time when caring for others. It’s widely recognised that caregivers often feel a shift in emotions. Feelings of frustration, sadness, isolation and anger can creep in. In addition to this, carers are often so focussed on providing care, that they forget about their own wellbeing. In home respite provides the opportunity for the carer to take some time out. Having the chance to do something that makes them happy will refresh the mind and invigorate a positive mindset.


Sometimes, the best way to care for someone else, is to care for yourself first. If you’re a caregiver, imagine how much your loved one will benefit when you are well, happy and refreshed. After-Care offers a professional in home respite care service. We carefully match one of our carers to suit your loved ones needs. Respite care can include a mix of personal care, domestic care, social support and more. For more information, phone our friendly team on 1300 46 46 63 and take time to care for yourself.